Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cinderlla Moments

Lets face having twins does not just turn your life upside it down-it puts it on a freaking roller coaster.  There are moments of pure joy and moments of pure terror.  Here lately we have been hanging on out on the 110 feet drop backwards.  I have one baby who has suddenly developed tummy troubles from her shots.  Another who is in the midst of getting three teeth.  And I myself smashed my finger in the door and am living life with the use of one fully functional hand.  It is pure mayhem!! Cinderella moments are hard to come by between the constant diaper change, screaming baby who can't sleep because her teeth hurt so bad, the laundry piling up, and the dinner wanting to be cooked.

I had all of these wonderful ideas to make their first Fourth of July special-but at this rate we will be lucky to get through the day.  However, on Sunday what started off as a really bad, no good, terrible morning turned into a fairy-tale night.  We were in between the last bottle of the day and baths when both girls were happy, content, and cooing.  If you know my children at 7:30 you know this is not the case!  I went to pick out our nighttime story and grabbed Cinderella.  I then decided to grab their princess crowns someone gave to us-they had not fit until Sunday.  Well the girls donned their crowns, even Lola get in on the fun while mom narrated the story.  The smiled, squealed, and just looked like mini princesses.  Our resident prince charming heard the story came in and then danced with all of his girls.  In that moment all I could do was give thanks for this beautiful, fleeting moment I had been given.

Sure I was covered in spit up, my hair was everywhere, the bed was still not made but none of that mattered.  All that mattered was having this moment with my family.  I know the girls won't remember it but I forever do it was a much needed Cinderella moment.  I needed to write this down to forever remember.  Times are tough and sometimes I feel like I am living in no man's land with these girls but looking at them then all I could think was time is going to fly by.  Soon my little princesses will be big enough to ask to play dress up, then dressing up to go to prom and before I know it marrying their prince charming.  So here's to Cinderella moments on the Fourth in whatever form or fashion they come in!

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