Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April 10th- D Day

For most of my pregnancy we always referred to April 10th as D-Day or due date.  I knew when we found out we had twins I would have to deliver early-our scheduled date for that was March 27th.  However, I had no idea how early I would deliver.  Instead today the girls are 5 weeks 1 day old. I can't believe how time has flown.  I member counting down the months, then weeks, then days to the proverbial due date.  I knew few women delivered on their due dates, but it was always a measure of how I was progressing, and how the girls were developing.  Before, we knew of all that happened in the hours before my delivery I spent the first 12 hours after the delivery upset, crying, and mourning for a pregnancy that did not go as far as I thought it should.  I felt a pang of sadness that I could not carry my girls to a safer point.  In reality, they came at exactly when they were supposed too and not to toot my horn but were amazingly resilient for as early as they came.  They weighed as much as most twins born at 38 weeks, the knew how to suck, swallow, breathe right away, and most of all their lungs were fully developed.  So instead of being sad I decide to celebrate a pretty complicated free pregnancy, the sweetest little babies in the world, and the good health we all had!  So here are some fun stats on the girls on what is supposed to be due date:
Lydia on April 5th- One month old
Clara on April 5th-One month old

Last night Lydia slept two four hour stretches.  Clara slept on five hour and one three hour.  During the day they each have one-two times between feedings where they only cat nap 45 minutes.  The rest of the time they sleep the three hours between meals. 

Just this week we went from 8 bottles a day to 7.  Progress ladies!! You normally eat right at 3 oz every feeding (sometimes a little less) and then one 4 oz bottle right before bedtime (11:30).  That is 22 ozs a day.  You get 4 Neosure bottles a day still for growth. 

Lydia loves the bouncy chair (not bouncing though), food, her thumb, nursing, bath time, and tummy time. She dislikes waiting for food, diaper changes, and burping. 
Clara likes her pacifier a lot, being worn, hanging out on the play mat on her back, and Phil Collins (I kid you not).  She dislikes tummy time on the mat, sleeping during the day, and bath time. 

At birth Lydia was 5.75 pounds at one month she weighed in at 7.13 ounces.  She had grown a .5 inches in a week!  She measures in at the 15% for other one month old babies.  Clara weighed 4.75 pounds at birth and weighed in at 6.14 ounces and was 19.5 inches long (17 inches at birth).  She is at 15% for head and length and 7% for weight.  The fact that even can "play with the big kids" as their Dr. puts it is impressive! 

The other big news is we are officially a cloth diapering family!  We did our first full day/night and I love not having all the disposable trash stinking up our house.  Word to the wise though invest in a diaper sprayer-it has come in super handy for us!!! I will write more at a later date about our cloth routine for other twin mamas out there. 

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  1. if they're not the cutest things ever! :)
    Sounds like they're doing great and thriving!
    And good luck with cloth diapering! (I want to do it, but laundry is already my nemesis).