Friday, December 5, 2014

Hedged In Love Quilt

One most favorite people in the whole world is getting married to her prince charming.  I can't make it back for the wedding and it is killing me.  And how do you make up missing one of the greatest events in someone's life who has been to most of your biggest life events?  
Steph with Clara at the twins baptism.
  Not to mention she is the reason my 3 little ladies exist (she introduced me to the hubs).  You pour your love into a quilt and send it off in hopes it reminds her how much you love her of course!
8 years ago myself, Stephanie, and Brittany friends since high school
 I have had an Outfoxed charm pack and fat quarter set for forever.  Stephanie had a hedgehog for awhile, but took her dream job teaching at a university this fall and apparently hedgehogs are not allowed in California.  I had planned to make a quilt for her using this as soon as she got engaged.  It isn't a real live hedgehog, but a hedgehog quilt is still pretty rocking, I think.
I threw in some Kona White and a few Kona fat quarters I had laying around and made a simple square in square with sashing.  After washing the quilt was 46.5" x 54.5".  I machine quilted very liberated (read wonky and crazy) figure 8s in the sashing and then stitched in the ditch on the squares.  The texture up close on this quilt was a lot of fun.  It was hard to part with it.  I hope they love it and can find a use for it in their new home together. She is my person and as such she deserves the most amazing blessing as she makes her dreams come true!
Brittany, myself, and Stephanie at my wedding 2008

2005 gotta love the college days :)

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