Wednesday, April 16, 2014

V is for Valerie

 V is for Valerie.  Or rather the sweet little person growing in my belly.  
 There are so many funny things already about this pregnancy.  How you are such an unexpected blessing, or how we weren't supposed to know if you were a she, or he, but you decided you wanted to tell us anyway (shh it is still a surprise for most of our friends and all of our family).  There have been lots of sweet moments as well feeling your first kicks, the way you wake up and move around when you hear your sisters, the way your sisters rub my belly and then theirs.  
Perhaps the sweetest is finally getting to use this quilt fabric that I bought years ago when I thought starting a family would be easier than making a quilt.  Years went by and there was lots of heartbreak, pain, and suffering.  Then we were blessed twice with your sisters.  But you, sweet little girl, you have erased so much pain, taught me to trust my body, heart and soul.  Miracles happen and often when you least expect them.  You are already such an inspiration and pillar of strength and I haven't even seen your face yet!  
Valerie means of strong health, strong minded, and brave.  Dear baby Valerie may you always remember this in life.  I can't thank you enough for blessing us with your presence and I can't wait to bring you home in this quilt that I have dreamt about for years. 

Quilt Stats
Fabric:Hushabye by Tula Pink, Kona Cotton, and Minky back
Size:36 inches square
Quilted in straight lines

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