Thursday, January 17, 2013

Growing Pains

I can't believe I am writing this and about to say I am in my third trimester with twins.  I hate to even complain because this pregnancy was so wanted, wished for, prayed for, and celebrated.  But I am really wondering how much more my body can handle. I am hoping for at least 8 more weeks to give these girls the best start in life.  I know as uncomfortable as I am-I will miss this time.  It is amazing the bond that girls and I get during these 9 months.  Yes they kick others but no one else gets to experience those late night flips, hiccuping fits, and the ability of my body to provide a loving, nurturing home for these little ladies.   

The day we found out! 

 18 Weeks About Halfway through for Twins.  Also the week we found out they were girlies!!!

28 weeks.  Wow what a difference 10 weeks make!  I can only imagine the picture in 8 weeks.  My feet have officially disappeared :)!  

Our next big goal is 30 weeks and then every two weeks after that! I am pretty sure we have got this-we have made it thus far already which is really worth a milkshake celebration!  Hey when else in my life is my doctor ever going to RECOMMEND a 2400 calorie diet? 

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  1. I'm just gonna say it -- I only carried one at a time, and I do not miss the end! It is rough sometimes! But it is such a gift... we mamas bear in our bodies life-giving suffering. Worth it... yes... but not easy! Please feel free to whine to me if you need to at any point! And you're beautiful!