Monday, January 14, 2013


Looking forward to 2013 I realize how much will be changing in my life. I am officially entering this new world called motherhood with much excitement and trepidation. My time will not be “my” time solely but will be divided up among two precious little ladies. At some point we will be getting orders to a new duty station and my husband will go back to a new position in his old job. For the first time we will move as a family of four and create memories there. There will be a new balance between housework, hobby time, volunteering, social time, cuddling and play time. For all of this newness I felt it was time to start afresh with a new blog.

I love blogging and I love the quilting world that brought my entrance into the online journaling community. However, I don't have that inspiration to write solely about quilts at this point in my life. Nor do I think it is fair to suddenly change my old blog into the random snapshots of my life that I do want to document: baking, child rearing, pregnancy, canning, reading, knitting, etc. For awhile when I would sit down to write about something it felt like a chore. I finished plenty of quilts and no posts were ever written and that last minute camera phone snap shot sort of made me feel like a failure for not being more dedicated to my craft. The truth is I love the freedom blogging has provided for me, but want to give a more accurate, transparent, whole rounded view of myself. When I would sit down to finally write that post about the quilt finished 4 months ago the words did not come out I found myself wanting to share about a new vintage find, or a new recipe I tried. I am also finding myself reading more blogs about new moms, military spouses, bakers, etc. My life is changing and I want to document and try to remember this time because I know it will fly by in the flash of an eye.

My goal as I embark on this journey is to buckle up and enjoy the ride. It may not always be pretty but that is life and I hope to use the blog to write on the good, the bad, new recipes, finished quilts, sleepless nights, noon cuddles, the predictable and the unfamiliar. I have benefited so much from blogs that show and share that rawness and I hope to be able to do the same!!!  

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  1. I'll be here! Such an adventure-- it will be fun to peek in. :)
    How are you feeling?